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2 years ago

My starting story...

Hey everybody! So this is my first time ever writing a blog so I am writing this so i can tell you about my story..

So it all began when I was little,I ate a lot of well- everything I did not care at long as it was food I was going to eat it and my parenst never really said anything about it they said exuses like:''She is just big boned it's nothing''.So while on my winter and keep in mind I am 12 and a half at that point,my dad told me that if I didn't lose wight I couldn't shop at jean shorts or wear skinny jeans, so we made a bet if I Lost 11 lbs. (5 kilograms) I would get an iPhone 5s gold and at the time I didn't have a ohone.So I decided I would start losing weight .It was the beggining of January and do you know what happened until the middle of May?Nothing.Absolutely nothing and that is because I was only 12 and didn't know what healthy eating is or exercise that is until I found out this video which was 10 mins. of in-home type of exercises.And I started doing the workout and I saw the pounds shed.I went for vacation in Greece and when I came back I had lost about 4 lbs. great and my birthday was coming  up and that's when the bet ended.In the end I lost 10 lbs. and I was feeling awesome I mean i got what I wanted but later on.... I gained those 10 lbs. and more ans it was just a downwards spiral and my parents started telling me that l need to lose weight so l started all over again but somehow l found myslef just quitting after only 2 weeks that didn't happen the first time ? What was happening?And here i stand today only 13 and a half 5'5'' and 176lbs. when i started at 156lbs... and by the symptoms I might have or might be developing a binge eating disorder or BED.All I want is to feel what a felt back a year ago:Confident in my body and to be able to walk in shorts or go out in my bikini.I just want it back, but I won't lose hope and right now I am finishing what I started back in May 2014....

Ok so I just finished my first blog post and this is just a way to make me to stick to my promise.I am going to do this all for my body , for myslef. So loves I hope that your journey is going good but this for me is like continouning what i left unfinished :)